Музей - Вятърна мелница.

The windmill in Nessebar is now a museum. It exhibits artefacts found in the necropolis of the ancient Greek colony of Mesambria, which date back to the period of the fifth century BC. to the third century AD, including the Roman period.

“The artifacts are very interesting. Many of them are being shown to the public for the first time because they were discovered during the last large-scale archaeological excavations in the necropolis of Messambria in the period 2007-2010. It was located in the new town of Nessebar, immediately after the isthmus.

The windmill is emblematic of the city and is a kind of its symbol. It is located on the bridge between the old and the new town in Nessebar.

There are benches built around the remaining authentic windmill from Turkish times, and the view of the sea adds even more beauty, which is why it is the most visited and preferred place by both locals and guests of the country.

It is a wooden building over 10 meters high. The second floor of the windmill is reached by a massive staircase, where there was once a living room, and on the third floor there was a work room.

Dwelling in the mill

In the living part of the mill, a hearth was made next to the wall. Its chimney runs through the entire thickness of the wall until it exits outside. In the middle of the working room on the third floor, the authentic millstones and the almost eaten body of the mechanism, thanks to which the power of the wind was used, have been preserved. Also interesting is the mechanism by which the best location can be chosen, according to the direction of the wind at any given moment.

We recommend you to visit the seaside town of Nessebar. The best time for this is during the summer months. Then you will have the opportunity to visit some of the cleanest beaches on the Black Sea. The city has a new and an old part. Here, vacationers can combine their summer vacation and tanning with sightseeing tours of the historical and cultural attractions that abound in and around the city.

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